Tino UP For Trinidad Break Out Artiste Of The Year...

  Virgin Islands Reining Soca  Monarch "Tino" in true king fashion is officially nominated for Trinidad's  2015  Break Out Artist Of The Year . To Our knowledge this is the first Virgin Islands Artist to be up for this award .His singles Facebook Mash Up My Realationship and Traffic Block are to be credited for this accomplishment. Voting commences this Sunday at midnight, you can vote by texting #ismbreakoutartiste tino to 1005 ,or You can vote online by visiting of these sites,https://www.facebook.com/socamonarch https://www.facebook.com/fordtt ,https://www.facebook.com/caribbeer ,https://www.facebook.com/slam100.5 . You can vote  as many times as you like . Lets rally and support our king !!! 


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